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Many electrical connectors and cable assemblies integrate standard and off the shelf products that can limit your designs. At iCONN Systems, LLC, we understand that not all applications are the same. The conventional approach is not always best.

Let our knowledgeable product development team work with you through our step-by-step engineered solutions process to develop the appropriate product that fits your budget and application. We will exceed your expectations. 

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Custom Engineered Interconnect Solutions




Discover our rugged, waterproof electrical connectors with a variety of pin-outs and sizes designed to meet your needs.

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Overmolded Cables

OverMolded Cables

Utilizing iCONN developed connectors, standard off the shelf connectors, or any combination thereof, discover the endless possibilities of our molded cable assemblies.

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Modified Standard Connectors

iCONN Systems can modify or re-engineer any industry standard connectors and/or iCONN's standard connectors to meet or exceed the most challenging applications.

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Custom Products

Custom Design

Work with our product development team to design the connector and/or cable assembly to meet your product needs.

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  • In addition to iCONN becoming a World Class supplier, with the score of 99.8%, iCONN will also be awarded our first Supplier of the Year Award. This award is being issued this year for the first time only to suppliers with a rating of 100%. It’s hard to argue that 99.8% is not 100% and iCONN has earned and deserves this recognition. Congratulations TEAM!!!"

  • Our Scorecard is based on a ten point scale, only iCONN System gets a 10, everyone else is a comparison to them and receives something less."

High Standards Equate to Extraordinary Products

iCONN works hard to ensure high quality products. These are just a few of the certifications we have achieved:


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Made in the USA

iCONN Systems, LLC proudly manufactures in the western suburbs of Chicago.  We are a vertically integrated connector and cable assembly company with the capabilities and resources to meet your needs.  

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Who We Are

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