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projects fail due to poor planning and lack of resources


Research & Strategy

In the first step, we collaborate with your team to learn the context of your needs, the specs and what solution you have in mind. Many times it is problem driven, and we’ll work together to find a solution.
Engineering Guide

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STEP two

Design Engineering

After our research is complete, we’ll present our findings and recommend a solution to improve your product. We design for manufacturability and strive to eliminate unnecessary variability and increased throughput.

Company Reduces Costs

Through Reengineering

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STEP three

Prototype, Pre-Production Environmental Analysis

This stage involves building a sample of your product to evaluate functionality and test the variables that will affect the product. Using our in-house rapid prototyping process, we will develop a scaled model of your product with our 3D printer. We’ll test the parts and their design for efficiency before manufacturing the actual piece. This process allows you to hold an actual prototype in your hands before production begins, curbing production costs by identifying design improvements early on.

Benefits of Rapid Prototyping

A Client Success Story

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STEP four


iCONN employs cellular manufacturing, a Lean Six-Sigma-inspired process that assembles a product from start to finish in one production cell. Cellular manufacturing identifies similar products that share compatible machine sequencing. Machines, materials and employees are arranged in workstations (called cells) to manufacture products all at once, one unit at a time. This creates smaller lot sizes, shorter lead times, consistent quality, less waste and on-time delivery.

STEP five

quality assurance

We are continually taking our customer feedback into consideration and strive to deliver a high-quality product that meets your needs. From conceptualization and development to production and delivery, it is a part of iCONN’s mission statement to provide you with a quality product. iCONN is proudly ISO-certified, and we work hard to ensure we consistently deliver an exceptional customer experience.


Product Delivery & Continued Support

Just because the process is complete doesn’t mean our relationship is over. We’re here to help you long after that and can provide ongoing engineering in the form of updates or other changes needed to your products. We’ll work with you to identify problems and ways to develop solutions that are cost-effective.

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