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Smooth Transitions

A look into our customer's transition from a supplier struggling with on-time delivery and product reliability to iCONN Systems, LLC.


This case study takes a look at an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of police radar equipment. The radar equipment can be mounted in or outside of the vehicle, therefore it can be exposed to harsh environments such as extreme weather conditions and exposure to all elements found on the road.


iCONN Systems was engaged by this customer due to their existing supplier’s cost, quality, service and delivery issues. They were looking for a supplier with the ability to reduce lead-times, improve price and quality, offer inventory stocking programs and better overall custom service. Since the customer currently had existing product in the field, they needed a product that was reverse-compatible and intermateable with their existing cable assemblies to facilitate implementation.

Our Approach


iCONN Systems capitalized on our vast knowledge and years of experience. We utilized our Six Step Custom Engineered Solutions Process to re-engineer the existing product addressing every quality / warranty, assembly, pricing and stocking issue the customer was experiencing. We were able to perform this function very timely and efficiently.

1. Research & Strategy
2. Design Engineering
3. Prototype/Preproduction/Environmental Analysis
4. Manufacture
5. Quality
6. Product Delivery/Continued Support


The Strategy



In addition to re-engineering to alleviate our customer’s quality issues, we were able to go above and beyond expectations by offering enhanced design options, improved pricing, an inventory stocking program and better delivery options than they were receiving with their supplier.

Design Features Attained Through Re-Engineering


Enhanced Design Features:
We re-engineered the coupling nuts to make it easier to fully engage the coupling ring.

We specified a lower cost cable construction that was more flexible and easier to install.


Through our re-engineering efforts we were able to significantly reduce all pricing while enhancing service, quality, delivery and all warranty issues.


We developed a customized Kanban program to stock assemblies at our facility for same day shipment availability. This program factored in appropriate quantity to mitigate risk of excess inventory.


Not only was iCONN Systems able to create a design that was reverse-compatible and inter-mateable, but we were able to utilize our customer’s current inventory to eliminate any E & O inventory from the changeover. iCONN also worked closely with our customer’s purchasing and engineering departments on collecting all the requested information and testing to ensure a smooth transition to iCONN’s advanced product. Months after iCONN System’s product was being used, during a site visit with our customer, their employee responsible for warranty claims approached us to shake hands and thank iCONN Systems for making his job easier.



To learn more about how iCONN’s reengineering process can help your company achieve greater efficiency, save money and improve profitability, speak with an engineer today!

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