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Custom Engineered Solutions

Custom Engineered Solutions Process

Step One: Research and Strategy

We Connect with You!

At iCONN Systems, customer service is our top priority. Our knowledgeable account managers work with you to understand and assess your interconnect needs. Your account manager then works jointly with you and our employees to develop a strategy to optimize your product’s development. iCONN’s entire team of professionals stays connected on your project by utilizing a web-based project management software. This allows your project to flow through all departments with ease, while documenting data and providing top notch communication.

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Step Two: Design Engineering

Not every product is One Size Fits All, We fix YOUR problem!

iCONN System’s engineering department contains design experts that develop a robust solution for you, our valued customer. We offer solutions with top of the line value. Our engineered solutions design process considers all aspects of the product design cycle from inception design support, to outstanding quality, to world class customer service. Our engineers and account managers work together to convert your application into a detailed proposal using tools such as Solidworks 3D CAD, Solidworks Plastic mold flow analysis and other pertinent software. These key factors result in total project cost savings.

What does this mean for you? A commitment to providing insight into tooling options, optimal material selections and opportunities to improve quality, performance and lower your project costs. All this is resulting in your total customer satisfaction.

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Step Three: Prototype/Preproduction/Environmental Analysis

We Design for Optimum Value!

Once your interconnect needs are fully analyzed, our team will offer design, cost analysis, and timing options. Our engineering process includes suggestions on prototyping, verification and validation testing, Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP), as well as deployment and logistics solutions.

iCONN Systems also designs and manufactures high quality and environmentally conscious products for our customers within a vast array of markets. It is our policy to develop, update and maintain comprehensive programs that create a culture of environmental responsibility.

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Step Four: Manufacture

We power your Project!

Once you review our capabilities and proposal, we are confident you will be pleased with iCONN Systems becoming an extension of your engineering department. Upon approval, you are on your way to developing a high quality interconnect solution. Our team will continue through the product development process which is communicated throughout our company and utilizes gated approvals and clearly defined responsibilities to see action items are rapidly executed to ensure your project’s success.

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Step Five: Quality

High Quality, On-Time Delivery, Continuous Improvement

Did you know that iCONN Systems is ISO 9001: 2008 certified? This means that your project follows a strict guideline of excellent quality management practices. iCONN Systems is committed to total quality management that continually improves throughout the organization. We consistently manufacture products that focus on our customer to meet their needs and all applicable regulatory requirements. 

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Step Six: Product Delivery and Continued Support

We Serve our Customers with On-Time Delivery and Specialized Inventory Programs

We work closely with our customers to understand what their needs are in order to develop a customized inventory program that balances turn-around time, customer commitment, and cost. Our goal is to provide you with product when you need it while minimizing the cost.


Custom engineered solutions: Re-engineering

iCONN excels in fixing quality issues, while eliminating the need to do a complete product re-design.  We can help in designing a product that is reverse compatible and eliminates quality issues.