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Flame Test

In this video, the iCONN Systems iMATE i12 connector undergoes the flame test. The flame test verifies the connector/cable assembly’s resistance to flames. The assembly and materials must be constructed to withstand direct flame for a given time, and pass NIOSH testing.

The test shows that even in direct contact with a flame, the assembly keeps the LED lit up. Additionally, when the flame is extinguished, the assembly cannot continue to glow after 3 seconds. These products need to be heat resistant, as they endure direct contact with flame when on a firefighter running into a burning building. This heat test is critical to firefighter safety because these products must have the ability to keep the equipment that saves their lives operational,heatproof and flame resistant.

There are many steps to consider when selecting a connector for your product. Choosing the wrong one can cause significant damage. We’ll walk you through the process so all considerations are accounted for.