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How do you know you have a waterproof connector? Well, an IP67 test procedure refers to the testing conducted to determine if the connector meets the requirements for an IP67 rating. “IP” stands for ingress protection. The number 6 represents total protection against dust (as opposed to protection only against a certain size solid, or limited protection against dust). The number 7 represents protection against immersion (under defined conditions) between 15 centimeter and 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.

However, a waterproof  connector does not mean the connector will work when immersed in water but rather once it is removed from the water. The “6” in IP67 is the highest rating for protection against dust.

Understanding Ingress Protection Markings

1st Digit Degree of Protection Against Solid Objects 2nd Digit Degree of Protection Against Liquid Objects
0 Not protected 0 Not protected
1 > 50 mm 1 Vertical dripping water
2 > 12 mm 2 Dripping water up to 15-degree angle
3 > 2.5 mm 3 Spraying water up to 60-degree angle
4 1 mm 4 Splashing water in any direction
5 Dust protection 5 Water jets in any direction
6 Dust tight 6 Powerful water jets or heavy seas
    6K Powerful water jets under pressure
    7 Temporary immersion in water depth between 150 to 1000 mm (5.9 - 40 in)
    8 Prolonged immersion in water
    9K  Powerful high temperature water jets

IP67 Cable Testing Procedures Improve Your Production Processes

Ingress protection testing is integrated into production processes to improve and enhance product performance.

iCONN’s IP67 Testing Procedures:

  • Minimize warranty costs by testing products for quality and performance, including ingress standards such as water, dust and fluid ingress protection
  • Minimize waste by producing parts with improved techniques and technologies
  • Reduce product liability by identifying methods for improved product reliability
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IP67 Waterproof Connector Test Procedures at iCONN

In the video above, iCONN Systems tests an assembly with IP67 specifications. The test aims to verify that the connector/cable assembly retains performance for 30 minutes, under 1 meter of water.

The product shown in this video is from the iMINI line, but all lines are rated to IP67. We had power running through the assembly to light the LED, showing there were no shorts caused by water. This demonstrates that water did not enter the assembly through the back of the overmold, meaning the overmold bonded to the cable jacket.

Many products requiring the IP67 rating are for applications where periodic water is present, including outdoor applications (rain) or applications that experience spills. Ensuring the IP67 rating means that these are waterproof  connectors and cables.

custom IP67 connectors

About Our Custom IP67 Connectors

At iCONN Systems, we provide quality custom connectors that are designed to provide protection against water and dust. All of our products are rated as IP67 cables and any custom cable you receive from us can be rated to meet IP67 standards.

Some key aspects of our custom connectors include:

  • Specifically tailored to the application – We can accommodate unique requirements and specifications to achieve what you need.
  • Delivering peak performance – Custom cables excel in environments that feature extreme temperatures, mechanical stress, and environmental factors.
  • Meeting compliant standards – All of our custom cables comply with industry standards, which ensure safety and performance standards are maintained.
  • Backed by technical support – Our custom cable manufacturers have extensive experience, allowing them to offer valuable insights on designs and material selection, and helping them ensure your cables meet needed standards.

Our custom IP67 waterproof connectors are developed in-house with our team that understands your specific customizations. We thoughtfully review the application guidelines to ensure they align with the necessary specifications.

Contact iCONN Today for IP67 Custom Cables

iCONN Systems provides custom-designed, application-specific connectors and cable assemblies. We understand that off-the-shelf products can limit your designs, and that not all applications are the same.

Then let iCONN walk you through the process to develop the product that fits your budget and application, because we have the custom connectors that you are looking for! Contact us today to learn more about our IP67 cables.

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