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Pull Force

What is a Pull Force Test?

A pull test procedure applies a pulling force to a material and measures the response to stress. This determines how strong the material is and how much abuse it can withstand.
Pull Test

Understanding the Pull Test Procedure

iCONN performs pull testing in-house to determine if the tension and breaking strength specifications have been met per regulation or contract. Temperature rise validation testing is done to ensure UL over 30 degrees Celsius is met over ambient temperature requirements.

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Pull Force Testing at iCONN

In this video, iCONN Systems tests one of its cable assemblies by challenging its strength. Watch as 500 pounds of weight pull at the connector without affecting its performance.

The pull test verifies that the connector/cable assembly can withstand abuse. In this test, a custom connector that needed to survive in applications is used. The cable assembly must be able to pull up a device that weighs up to 300 points. iCONN designs cables with strength members that attach to connector ends to help with these applications. It designs the coupling mechanisms to have enough material to withstand extremely heavy weight.

The test shown is a straight pull test with a consistent load.



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