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Quick-Disconnect Connectors For Signage

Stand Out And Light The Way

Durable, reliable electronic connectivity is the most important element of any signage display, from city marquees to digital billboards. The connections need to be stable, yet flexible enough to disconnect easily as needed. 

Quick-disconnect connectors are ideal for these applications. iCONN offers both standard electronic connectors and custom connector assemblies to fit any specifications. 

Challenges with Electrical Connectivity For Signage

Finding the right electronic connectors to maintain bright, long-lasting signage can be difficult without someone to point you in the right direction. Here are a few challenges to consider: 

Reliability and Durability

In outdoor or large-scale settings, signage needs to withstand environmental pressures such as moisture, heat, cold, vibration, and UV exposure, all of which can degrade connector performance over time. The connectors you choose need to be made of durable materials so they can withstand harsh conditions without breaking down. 

Ease of Maintenance and Replacement

With modular signage systems becoming more popular, the ability to quickly disconnect and replace individual components is critical to reduce downtime and maintenance costs. This makes quick connect coupling connectors especially convenient. 

Safety and High-Voltage Protection

High-voltage applications present significant safety concerns. It's crucial to have connections that protect against accidental disconnection, arcing, and overheating.

Signal Integrity

Modern digital signage requires efficient data transmission, which requires connectors that can preserve signal integrity, particularly for LED displays.

Quick Disconnect Connectors And More

The type of electrical connector used in signage depends on the specific requirements of the application, including the voltage, current, and environmental conditions. 

Our in-house custom engineering team designs solutions for a variety of signage applications, from LED lighting systems to large billboards.. Here are just a few examples.

Wire Connectors

We carry a wide assortment of standard electrical wire connectors and overmolded cable assemblies for signage, including twist-on connectors, crimp connectors, and push-in connectors. Our team can also design custom solutions to meet specific criteria. 

Quick-Disconnect Connectors

Quick-disconnect connectors are designed to allow for quick and easy disconnection of wires. They are often used in modular signage systems where individual components can be easily swapped out or replaced. These include iMATE connectors with bayonet quick-connect couplings and other coupling styles, including plastic, snaplock, threaded, crimp and PC tail connectors. 

Pin and Sleeve Connectors

Pin and sleeve connectors are used in high-voltage applications and provide a secure and waterproof connection. They are often used in outdoor signage that is exposed to the elements.

Coaxial Connectors

Coaxial connectors are used to connect components that require radio-frequency transmission, such as LED displays that require data transmission. We offer standard and custom assemblies for these to transmit both power and signal. 

Ready to design eye-catching signage?

Contact us today for a custom solution or use our configuration tool to design connector solutions that meet your exact needs and download a CAD rendering of the design to share with the rest of your product team.