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Company Reduces Costs, Improves Processes Through Reengineering

iCONN Systems lowered costs and drove down warranty claims for one company with a re-engineering approach. Read our case study to learn more about the results.


iCONN reengineered connectors and cable assemblies for increased throughput and enhanced performance, saving the customer 30-35% on the purchase price while eliminating warranty claims and improving assembly processes.


Let’s take a closer look at how a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) manufacturer lowered costs, improved quality and drove down the number of warranty claims by employing iCONN Systems as their partner for several receptacle connectors and cable assemblies.


The client was working with a supplier that could not provide the value required to succeed in the marketplace. This led to poor service, quality challenges, and ultimately, warranty claims. These issues equated to higher costs and upset end users. In addition, delivery performance was inadequate, causing scheduling issues throughout the organization.

iCONN's Approach

iCONN took a reengineering approach. Working with the client, iCONN identified opportunities to improve performance, reduce manufacturing processes, eliminate warranty claims and ultimately reduce overall costs. The main challenge? Reengineer the products to be inter-mateable and reverse compatible with what the client was already purchasing, and had in the field.

iCONN’s strategy involved:

Conversations with design engineering, manufacturing engineering, quality and purchasing. iCONN extensively reviewed the client’s drawings and samples of the products. These discussions uncovered their performance issues, unnecessary processes and warranty issues.

Speaking with assembly line employees to learn their pain points, with the intention of making their lives easier, while increasing throughput.

Providing proposal drawings which included design changes to address all issues.




Gathering all the input from the client’s various departments, iCONN reengineered connectors and cable assemblies for increased throughput, and robust performance in the field. iCONN engineers adopt this mindset on all projects, and leverage design changes to address and eliminate quality and warranty issues while improving the assembly line process.

In parallel with reengineering, iCONN moved the client to a just-in-time manufacturing process — setting up a Kanban inventory stocking program, which allows iCONN and their customer to have a more agile, responsive production system.



In a ten-month period of working with the client, iCONN:

  • Saved the customer 30-35 percent on purchase price only
  • Eliminated all warranty claims
  • Improved assembly line processes
  • Reduced production scrap

After the first full year of delivering product, the customer recognized iCONN as Supplier of the Year and designated iCONN as a World Class Supplier.

In seven years, iCONN solidified its partnership with the customer, increasing by four times the number of parts it manufactures for the company and becoming its preferred partner for all interconnect requirements. iCONN has expanded its role beyond connectors and cable assemblies by also providing subassemblies, including molded components.


See how iCONN can improve your assembly processes and increase profitability.

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