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Thermal Cycling

In this video, you'll see one way iCONN Systems conducts product testing on its connectors and cables to ensure they meet the necessary standards.

Using the m12/i12 and m8/i8 product lines, the Thermal Cycling/Heat-Dunk Test heats the assembly to 180 degrees Celsius, then immediately dunks the assembly into water. This simulates an application where the assembly could be in direct sunlight all day and experience a drastic temperature change at night. Conducting this test ensures that all connections remain intact and water cannot enter the assembly. The materials must be right for the application and cannot be hydroscopic, or prone to expand in temperature changes.

Watch as our engineers test for thermal protection and water resistance.

iCONN's connectors are made to withstand even the harshest environments, but there are many aspects to consider. Download our Engineering Guide to avoid making a costly connector mistake.