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Connector Insights from iCONN

Molded Cable Assembly Materials in High-Temperature Applications

Posted by Rick Regole on Tue, August 6, 2013

Many industrial and automotive applications require equipment rated for sustained performance at elevated temperatures.  The exact performance attributes required for elevated temperatures vary by application.  iCONN has designed connector systems to operate at high temperatures that range from 60⁰C (140⁰F) to 260⁰C (500⁰F) at various levels of performance.  Some applications go so far as to expose the connector assembly directly to a flame for a specified period of time.

All aspects of a molded connector assembly need to be evaluated for high-temperature applications.  Typically these are the wire/cable insulation and jacketing used in the assembly, the electrical insulation material used to isolate the contacts/terminals, the overmold material used to create the transition from the electrical insulation to the cable, the mechanical hardware components that provide the attachment means for the connector and finally the sealing elements that provide additional environmental and ingress protection.

The focus of this discussion concerns iCONN’s capabilities for providing plastic resin options for over-molds and connector insulations that address high temperature application concerns.

Examples of high temperature electrical insulation materials can vary depending on the actual application.  Plastics typically used for the mid to high range of temperatures are mineral / glass filled PA family of resins and glass filled PBT family of resins.  The high to very high temperature ranges require higher performing polymers including the PPSU family of resins and the LCP family of resins.  The PPSU and LCP resins require specialty molding parameters and equipment which are all provided by iCONN as a complete solution package to our customers.

Examples of high temperature over-mold materials also can vary but tend to take on a rigid form as maximum temperature requirements increase.   iCONN has successfully designed and manufactured connectors over-molded in glass filled PBT family of resins and glass filled PA family of resins for demanding applications.  iCONN engineers utilize our core competencies and  work directly with our customers to not only provide the temperature resistance required but to also maximize the water ingress protection characteristics of the design.  This is just one of the ways iCONN outperforms other connector companies and gives iCONN’s customers the leading edge designs they need to succeed.

iCONN’s vertical integration coupled with a staff of design and manufacturing engineers is the perfect environment for innovation and design synergy.

Founded in 2006, iCONN Systems, LLC designs and manufactures electrical and electronic connectors, overmolded and discrete cable assemblies and value added turnkey products serving global markets for a variety of applications including those requiring environmental and EMI/RFI shielding considerations.  Our management team has extensive connector/cable assembly experience, in excess of 100 years, to the benefit of our customers.  

iCONN focuses on engineered solutions which provide our customers with high quality, cost effective designs for their specific applications, backed by superior customer service.  iCONN’s U.S. facility is located in Lombard, Illinois, a western suburb of Chicago where we provide sales, engineering support and manufacture a variety of customer product needs including prototypes, quick turn and low – high volume assemblies.  

Lombard is also our warehouse and distribution center which includes specific stocking programs designed around our customer’s needs.  We have partners in strategic global, low cost regions where high volume, labor intensive products are manufactured when necessary.  

Our business model has been developed around a total design concept that considers application constraints, durability, ergonomics, even audio and tactical features that provide cost effective, robust quality solutions that meet and exceed any level of pricing and service required to provide the value necessary to assure our customers success.

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