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Why You Should Hire an Engineering Solution Provider

Posted by Rick Regole on November 13, 2017 | Updated on March 4, 2019

Consider an engineering solution provider like you would insurance. You may not need that service every single day, but when you do, it’s typically for something big. It’s most likely an emergency or something you need done very quickly.  

For example, you need a specific part for your product design. In some cases, you may be lucky enough to find that your solution already exists. An off-the-shelf part from a manufacturer fits your project’s application and environment.

This conventional approach doesn’t work for every application, though. As product designs become more intricate and technical, they often call for customized pieces that are specific to that application. Designing these custom parts requires a bit more research on the end of the manufacturer. So rather than hiring just a manufacturer, you also need to work with an engineering solution provider who can fill the gaps.

How Do Manufacturers and Solution Providers Differ?

When working with manufacturers, companies have access to predesigned parts that are ready for assembly. They simply need to choose one that fits the need of their application and place their order — a relatively straightforward process.

Purchasing a part directly from a manufacturer has its advantages. Since the design already is complete, there typically is a quick turn-around time for delivery. This enables companies to expedite their product development lifecycle and get their designs to the market faster.

However, as technology continues to advance and product designs become more complex, premade parts often aren’t the right fit. Instead, these cases require the development of custom-engineered solutions that are specific to the application at hand.

At iCONN, for instance, we know that a standard connector cannot function properly in every type of environment. This warrants the need for a manufacturer that is also an engineering solutions provider.

Solution Providers Tailor Designs to Your Needs

As the name indicates, engineering solution providers help deliver positive outcomes for businesses based on their specific needs. In this case, the design process begins with the client.

Solution providers begin by first learning about the challenges these companies face. They use this information to create designs that address such issues — all while considering ways to improve product quality, performance and reduce costs.

An added benefit: The support doesn’t stop there. Engineering solution providers offer further assistance throughout the product development lifecycle, from testing recommendations to quality management.

More and more products require customized parts. Hiring a solutions provider rather than just a manufacturer gives you the resources to meet this need, with continued opportunities for advancement in the future.

Custom-engineered solutions for cables and connectors is one of iCONN’s services. We can provide end to end product engineering and software solutions to various companies. Our team embraces complex situations and will use their knowledge to develop a customized solution that fits your needs, while also minimizing costs. Ready to achieve success together? Contact us today to learn how we can help engineer a design tailored to your project.



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