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How iCONN Makes Life Easy

Posted by Rick Regole on January 23, 2017 | Updated on October 3, 2017

People tend to think that project managers are only responsible for scheduling and completing tasks. That’s true, but they also juggle business deals, technology and customer expectations — all while keeping their eye on the big picture. To succeed, PM’s must be a virtuoso in every aspect of a project, even if they don’t have specialized expertise. And the minute something goes wrong? It’s their neck.

We can’t solve all PM work woes, but iCONN understands that your job is demanding. That’s why our engineering department becomes an extension of your brand to bring connector and cable assembly competencies into your wheelhouse. Let us take care of every detail related to this aspect of your project so you can focus on other pressing tasks. Here’s how we will make your life easier:

1. We Save Time, Simplify & Tell You What You Need

Nothing is worse than burning precious project time trying to figure out what connector you need. To save you the trouble, our experts assess your application, listen to your concerns and expectations, and determine the best possible solution for you.

2. We Provide Product Assurance & Peace of Mind

PM’s have enough keeping them up at night without having to worry about whether the connector they just ordered will work. To ensure we’re not one of the sheep you count to fall asleep, we offer fast prototyping and 3D print modeling. These services give you a tangible mock-up that you can hold, plug into the application and sign off on before it goes to production. We also perform in-house testing to guarantee quality.

3. We Offer Ongoing Support

We know that line-down situations are costly to your reputation and bottom line. To help make sure you never experience one, we analyze and forecast peak demand time frames for you, and offer several customizable stock programs to keep your bases covered at all times, including:
  • Kanban programs at our facility or yours
  • Consignment inventory
  • Safety stocks
  • Same-day delivery
  • Blanket orders

iCONN’s stocking programs are designed to help customers decrease inventory costs and improve inventory turns, which makes them more competitive.

We get the big picture, just like PMs. We don’t succeed unless we help you succeed. Interested in learning more about the benefits of working with iCONN? Contact us today!

Company Reduces Costs, Improves Processes Through Reengineering

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