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How iCONN Assures Quality Products on Time, Every Time

Posted by Rick Regole on November 11, 2019 | Updated on November 12, 2019

IP-markings-chartsWe see it all the time: An unsuspecting customer is promised a delivery date, only to find that their order form for connectors, sensors or cables got lost in the shuffle or deprioritized. Mega manufacturers may have the bandwidth to offer a more competitive price, but what good is the deal if they can’t hold up their end of the bargain?

At iCONN Systems, Inc., we never want to become too big to keep our promises. This isn’t just a notion we kick around from time to time. We scale our business in a way that always puts the customer front and center. Here’s how we’ve been able to assure quality products on time — every time.

Our word is our bond.

How can we be so sure? Our engineering process begins with an in-depth discovery phase that allows us to understand the context behind your product search. With all the information on the table, we work together with our clients to create a strategy and realistic timeline for delivery.

We pick up the pace with rapid prototyping.

Efficiency is a powerful determinant of timely product delivery. To validate designs, streamline approval and avoid mistakes or issues that might pop up in the future, we use rapid prototyping to test design theories in the intended environment and work out the kinks early on.

We implement Lean manufacturing practices.

iCONN Systems doesn’t just design for the environment in which your connectors, sensors and cables will operate. We design for manufacturability to help control costs. Furthermore, we use cellular manufacturing to complete orders faster, with less waste, and with greater quality control. Cellular manufacturing is a Lean Six-Sigma-inspired process that assembles one unit at a time by organizing machines, resources and people in a way that maximizes their capability, time and effort. The result is an agile operation that can handle smaller lot sizes and shorter lead times.

Self-improvement is our constant state of mind.

Your voice has the power to change our processes, improve our products, and help us grow as engineers. Sure, we celebrate our solutions, but we also strive to push beyond what we know. This is where true innovation takes place, and customer feedback is what gets us there.

Kept promises turn into loyal customers. More importantly, keeping our word is how we earn your trust and build our integrity. Whether you need a standard off-the-shelf cable, custom-engineered connectors, or guidance finding the right sensor for your product, we look forward to serving you in a timely, honest and professional manner.

Now that we talked the talk check out how we walk the walk! Contact us today to learn more about how iCONN can serve your needs.


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