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iCONN Partnership: Holly Myers of Wallace Electronic Sales

Posted by Rick Regole on August 21, 2017 | Updated on April 23, 2018


Today, we’re unveiling the first in a two-part series to introduce you to iCONN Systems’ esteemed partnerships. Each affiliation we make adds value to our services, which ultimately benefits our clients.

Meet Holly Myers, the sales and marketing manager for Wallace Electronic Sales. Wallace is a small but fierce manufacturing sales rep firm that provides sales and marketing services to the electronics marketplace in the southeastern United States.

In addition to managing a fleet of salespeople, Myers heads her organization’s marketing strategy. Her action plans hinge on market and industry research, targeting and proactively seeking new markets and industries to serve. She also acts as the point person for Wallace’s network partners, manufacturers and new leads. As a busy rep, Myers depends on solid, responsive OEM partnerships like iCONN.

Early on, iCONN realized the importance of professional manufacturing sales representation and reached out to Wallace for support. Both Wallace and iCONN pride themselves on their selectivity; each carefully vetting clients, product lines and partnerships to ensure quality. Right out of the gate, Wallace wanted to know, “What makes iCONN different from every other interconnect engineering organization in the market?”

The answer to this question, as Wallace Electronic Sales soon discovered, is twofold.

Quality Service, Products

“As a manufacturing sales rep, we want to work with OEMs that provide exceptional value to our customers,” said Myers. “Not only in the products and services they provide but in how they interact with customers and support customers throughout the entire process.”

Myers said iCONN is as well known for their unique engineering-driven approach as they are for exceptional customer service. In addition to their innovative customizations, iCONN has a rapid response time and offers extensive knowledge and experience to the product teams they serve.

“Put simply, their quality is superior,” said Myers. “We have them working with some of our top accounts, and they’ve won quality awards!”

But it’s their engineering support that makes them truly unmatched — iCONN goes all in.

“Their developers don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and talk with an engineer, answer customer questions, or brainstorm with a product team to devise the most appropriate solutions,” Myers said.

Exceptional Value

iCONN understands the value in using a rep model to go to market and the advantages of synergistic selling. More importantly, they make Myers’ job a little easier by taking care of her customers and making themselves available. Whether it’s technical support, customer service or an order that needs expedited — iCONN responds quickly and helps Wallace get the job done right. Myers also describes iCONN as appreciative of their partnerships, professional at every touchpoint and friendly.

“What works well for our customers makes us successful. With this in mind, iCONN brings exceptional value to our customer base; they are one of the best manufacturers on our line card.”

Wallace Electronic Sales and iCONN celebrate nearly 10 years of successful partnership. iCONN benefits from the extensive lead generation that Wallace performs to create new opportunities. Wallace benefits from innovative and dependable manufacturing and support. It’s a perfect match that the two organizations plan to sustain for many years to come.

To learn more about what iCONN can do for your company, request a consultation today!

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