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Connector Insights from iCONN

Why You Should Hire an Engineering Solutions Provider

Posted by Rick Regole on Mon , November 13, 2017

You need a specific part for your product design. In some cases, you may be lucky enough to find that your solution already exists. An off-the-shelf part from a manufacturer fits your project’s application and environment.

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Cheap Cables and Connectors Could Hurt Your Product

Posted by Rick Regole on Mon , October 30, 2017

Many companies are drawn to cheaper means of manufacturing when they are available. The reason they are so tempting: Cutting costs is a big advantage for any type of project.

While choosing the lowest-cost manufacturer may seem like a good idea upfront, there are some potential dangers with going this route. The costs saved on the front end can be counteracted by even larger costs at later stages of the product life cycle.

To avoid this trap, companies should look at the bigger picture — what sourcing product from the cheapest cable and connector manufacturer really costs.

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Benefits of Molding for Underwater Applications

Posted by Rick Regole on Mon , October 16, 2017

Water and electricity don’t play nice together. Without the right safeguards in place, water exposure (even excess moisture) will corrode the internal components of your cable assembly. Inevitably, this will cause your equipment to fail (or worse). What’s particularly alarming about electrical systems and underwater applications is the potential for electric shock and drowning. “Water conducts electricity, which means a corroded cable can produce what’s called alternating current leakage. If this occurs, it can electrocute or even incapacitate nearby swimmers

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Sales Representative Appreciation: Joe Gillis of Innovate Sales

Posted by iCONN Systems on Mon , October 2, 2017

Our second installment in the two-part series introduces our partnership with Joe Gillis of Innovate Sales. Gillis is an independent manufacturer’s representative who works with a team of sales professionals to bring big value to his customers. He crossed paths with iCONN 10 years ago when working for a different rep firm.

Fast forward to 2016. Gillis and iCONN crossed paths again and the timing was perfect. iCONN was searching for representation and Gillis was a promising match. The rest (as they say) is history.

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Foil Shielding vs. Braided Shielding in Cable Assemblies

Posted by Tony Czyz on Mon , September 18, 2017

Electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference (EMI/RFI) is a top concern for cable assemblies involved in the transmission of data. The slightest disturbance could decrease signal quality, cause data loss, or completely disrupt the signal, resulting in equipment failure.

Shielding is a layer of insulation (containing electrical energy) that is wrapped around an electrical cable to prevent the cable from emitting or absorbing EMI/RFI. iCONN Systems specializes in various types of shielding, but the most commonly used methods include “foil shielding” and “braided shielding.” Here is a direct comparison of foil shielding vs. braided shielding to help you decide which is best for your product. Keep in mind, when you partner with iCONN, we will help guide you on every detail of your cable assembly construction to ensure the right fit for your application.

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5 Benefits of Overmolding for Electrical Assemblies

Posted by Rick Regole on Tue , September 5, 2017

At iCONN, we strive to help development teams increase the value of their products. It’s one of the many reasons we specialize in overmolding and overmolded electrical connectors and assemblies. Overmolding is a controlled process that involves injecting plastic resin into a mold to encapsulate critical electrical connections. We recommend this process for critical connections to our customers because we know that the benefits are well worth the investment. Here’s are five benefits of overmolding for electrical assemblies:

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iCONN Partnership: Holly Myers of Wallace Electronic Sales

Posted by Rick Regole on Mon , August 21, 2017

Today, we’re unveiling the first in a two-part series to introduce you to iCONN Systems’ esteemed partnerships. Each affiliation we make adds value to our services, which ultimately benefits our clients.

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4 Benefits of Overmolding for Outdoor Applications

Posted by Rick Regole on Mon , August 7, 2017

If your development team is working on a product for outdoor applications, overmolding should be considered a priority for aesthetics and performance. Overmolding is a thermoplastic resin that encapsulates critical electrical connections to ensure the utmost protection and durability. Failure to properly protect these connections — especially when exposed to outdoor elements — increases the likelihood of a high maintenance costs and product failure.

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Why Choose a Manufacturer with In-House Certification Capabilities?

Posted by Tony Czyz on Mon , July 24, 2017

Has this ever happened to you? Your product development team is on the cusp of launch. Everything is on schedule, but timing is tight. Luckily, all that’s left is final certification. You send your product to a testing facility, cross your fingers and hope it meets quality standards. But unfortunately, they identify an issue.

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What is the Future of 3D Printing Technologies?

Posted by Rick Regole on Mon , July 10, 2017

Most people see 3D printing as a new technology. But it actually came to life in the early 1980s. The first 3D-printed object? A tiny cup. Much has changed since then. Today, engineers are successfully printing 3D cars, five-story office buildings, firearms and even human tissue. Inarguably, 3D printing’s impact on the world as we know it is astounding.

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