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American Born, American Made: R2M Holdings Portfolio

Posted by Jacqueline Jeffery on November 25, 2014 | Updated on October 13, 2016




The R2M Holdings' Portfolio is out of this world!

Our products speed through the raceways, help save lives, and have even gone to the moon and back!





Our story begins with Mechanical Products, founded in 1940. We consider it the grandfather of our operations (or grandmother if you prefer). MP is America's leading manufacturer of thermal circuit protection devices. MP manufactures the highest quality components available for sensing and preventing dangers associated with electrical overloads and over-currents for a wide variety of products and equipment. Mechanical Products Co.'s product line includes:

MP was acquired by R2M Holdings, LLC in 1998 and continues growing, offering innovative new products within the circuit breaker industry.



In 2006, iCONN Systems, LLC was developed when an opportunity arose that was just outside of MP's focus. iCONN Systems specializes in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of connectors and cable assemblies for the interconnect industry. Our capabilities ensure that our customers achieve top quality (ISO certified quality, to be exact), whether we are partnering to develop a new product, reverse engineer an existing product, or providing our existing product and assembly. Our key products include:


How do these companies work together?

R2M Holdings, LLC has a theory of working together to create a synergy between the two companies. Mechanical Products and iCONN Systems are located in adjoining units of a manufacturing facility in Lombard, IL. Both companies share the same vision of quality, growth, and customer satisfaction outlined by the R2M Holdings executives. Honoring the same vision allows both companies to prosper through joint employees, shared resources, equipment and ideas, all of which enable reduced costs which are carried down to our customers.

To learn more about R2M Holdings, LLC and the opportunities we are seeking, please visit us at www.r2mholdings.com


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