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Cable Connectors: Bridge the Purchasing and Engineering Gap

Posted by Rick Regole on Mon, March 5, 2018

As a design engineer, you have a firm grasp on the products you need to complete your project. While this may be clear on your end, the individuals purchasing the products can sometimes misinterpret these details. Engineers can then wind up with the wrong product, which can easily create roadblocks in the completion of a project.

That’s why it’s so important for the purchasing and engineering departments to work together cohesively.

Here’s a look at a few ways to bridge the gap between the purchasing and engineering of cable connectors.

Bridging the Gap When Purchasing Cable Connectors

Provide Context

With every project, there is a bigger picture to consider. Engineers need to communicate this information to purchasers before they move ahead to the buying process.

To provide context for the design project, engineers and purchasers can schedule a kick-off meeting. During this time, they can discuss a holistic overview of the project as well as its intended goals. This background information can prove to be valuable to the purchaser as they identify cable connectors that align with the engineer’s strategy and needs.

Develop Consistent Communications

As engineers work on their project, they might notice opportunities to improve operational efficiency or increase cost savings. This can often translate into the need for alternate products that correlate with the new design scheme.

It’s up to the engineers to make purchasers aware of these project updates so they can take the necessary steps in the buying stage. Integrated software systems can be especially beneficial for this purpose, as they avoid the back and forth nature of emails and allow different departments to easily access the same information.

Purchasers, meanwhile, should also take this approach to communications with engineers. Whether they are having trouble finding cable connectors that meet the engineer’s needs or have recommendations, it’s important they communicate these details as the information becomes available.

Use a Common Language

Engineering terms may be a part of your day-to-day language, but to purchasers, they may be less familiar. This can result in confusion on the end of the purchaser as they try to make sense of these new terms.

To work as a cohesive unit, be sure to communicate in a language that both parties understand. Taking a more direct and simplified approach will help ensure that the engineer’s message is fully received by the purchaser, without any gaps in the mix.

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