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What It Means to be an Engineer of the Future

Posted by Rick Regole on December 18, 2017 | Updated on April 23, 2018
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Engineers have served as the backbone to the technologies and products we rely upon most. It’s true of vehicles, machines and electronic devices — just like the one on which you’re reading this now.

To fuel such innovation, engineers have leveraged their technical skills in specific areas. But as the future brings changes to the engineering field, these individuals will need to wear more hats than ever before.

Let’s have a look at what it means to be an engineer of the future.

What’s Ahead for An Engineer of the Future

Working on Interdisciplinary Teams

Technological innovations are fueling the development of more complex designs. As more parts and components are added to systems, there is a greater need for interdisciplinary teams to work together.

With this growing need for collaboration, an engineer of the future needs to be able to thrive in a team-oriented environment. This includes working with engineers of other specializations as well as designers. Such collaboration skills will create a cohesive workflow that balances product quality with a fast time-to-market.

Manufacturing with Sustainability in Mind

It’s no secret that the sustainable route is favorable amongst businesses. For the past several years, many companies have taken small steps to identify ways to reduce waste, notably so within the manufacturing of goods.

For engineers, this means rethinking designs to use the optimal materials and processes. Not only does this bring about environmental benefits, but it can also provide cost savings.

Combining Art and Engineering

Engineering has always been heavily rooted in science, but it’s now becoming more of an art as well. The requests for customized pieces are on the rise to fit industry demands as well as the specific needs of individual companies.

An engineer of the future needs to place greater focus on thinking outside of the box. With a constant demand for the latest and greatest in technology, they must go beyond the status quo and identify new opportunities for advancement. By combining creativity with technical expertise, they can efficiently deliver positive outcomes for businesses.

Here at iCONN, we know that the immediate solution isn’t always available. That’s why we work diligently to create customized connectors and cables that meet your design needs. We combine this with our love for resolving complex situations to help product visions become a reality.

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