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How Cable Connector Competitors Drive Our Business

Posted by Bob LeGere on Mon, February 19, 2018

Every business faces competition to some degree — whether it’s better products, stronger marketing or streamlined operations. While it’s often thought of in a negative connotation, competition can actually be a driving force that pushes businesses to do more.

 Let’s see how this all ties back to competition between cable connector companies.

4 Ways Competition Motivates Cable Connector Companies

1. Fosters Innovation

When businesses find success with a product or service, it’s easy to become complacent. Competition within the market, however, fuels the need for continuous innovation to stand out in the long term.

As a result, cable connector companies have to put on their thinking caps and explore new ideas on how to meet customer needs. It’s this continuous brainstorming that leads to innovative concepts that capture attention on the market.

2. Pinpoints Strengths and Weaknesses

Every organization has its own strengths and weaknesses. But when there aren’t any competitors to compare themselves to, it becomes rather difficult to pinpoint what these factors are.

By comparing yourself to competitors, you can better understand how to leverage your strong attributes and create actionable plans for improving weak areas. Concentrating on both sides of the equation will allow you to grow and acquire new customers over time.

3. Encourages Learning Opportunities

While years of experience can contribute to a company’s success, research is also a factor. Employees need to have an interest in learning more about their industry — an element that competition helps drive.

Cable connector companies should continuously read up on industry news and best practices to stay up to date. This not only helps generate awareness of changes and advancements, but it also lays the foundation for modifying in-house processes to reflect these shifts.

4. Fuels Better Customer Service

Customer demands are growing when it comes to quality and speed. As they do, it’s important that businesses emphasize good customer service to outweigh the efforts of their competitors.

Here at iCONN, we value the time and needs of our customers, and it shows in the work we do. In addition to the high-quality products we sell, we also offer custom-engineered design solutions to fit a variety of cable connector applications and budgets.

Ready to see an example of our work? Download this reengineering case study.

Company Reduces Costs, Improves Processes Through Reengineering