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Why Choose a Manufacturer with In-House Certification Capabilities?

Posted by Tony Czyz on Mon, July 24, 2017

Has this ever happened to you? Your product development team is on the cusp of launch. Everything is on schedule, but timing is tight. Luckily, all that’s left is final certification. You send your product to a testing facility, cross your fingers and hope it meets quality standards. But unfortunately, they identify an issue.

Suddenly, your launch plans are under pressure. The testing facility sends the product back to the manufacturer, who must review the feedback, modify the product and send it again to the testing facility for reassessment. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking, time is money, and your launch goals are slipping through your fingers. If there is another issue — you’ll need to re-strategize rollout.

The truth is, third-party product certification providers inadvertently delay product launches. It’s not intentional, but product approvals that involve more than one team in more than one location require greater communications and send/delivery time. Passing your product back and forth puts your launch deadlines at risk.

Did you know that manufacturers can have their own in-house testing lab certified by a nationally recognized testing laboratory (NRTL)?

Instead of subjecting your product development process to the variables of a third-party certification vendor, skip the middleman and select a manufacturer with in-house certification capabilities. These types of manufacturers eliminate the back and forth and open up a world of benefits that will directly support operational processes, reputation and bottom-line health.

The Benefits of In-House Certification Power

Streamline the product development process. Manufacturers with in-house certification capabilities can develop products in unison with certification standards. This could save weeks or even months on product launches, enabling product owners to get to market faster than their competitors.

Improve the economies of scale. With a streamlined development process, product teams can decrease lead time to market, jump-start production and capitalize on a lean operation.

Identify product flaws early on. Nothing’s worse than discovering an issue with your product during the final phase of development. When manufacturers are also certified to test, they will check design and function at each stage of development, eliminating last-minute surprises that may delay the launch.

Optimize communications and reduce risk of human error. Fewer cooks in the kitchen means less potential for mistakes and less upkeep related to informing multiple teams about the whereabouts of the project.

Trust. Finding reliable and transparent vendor partners isn’t easy. Managing several is even harder. A manufacturer/certification hybrid knocks one vendor off the list and eliminates the need to vet and contract.

Reduce overhead. Ultimately, a lean development process with minimal hands on deck, built-in quality assurance and efficient manufacturing will significantly reduce bottom-line cost.

iCONN Systems is certified to test your product before market release. As a part of our quality assurance initiatives, we offer a full range of inspection and testing services. Furthermore, 100% of our connectors and cable assemblies are scanned using advanced wiring analysis equipment that detects shorts, opens, miseries and high-voltage I.R./dielectric breakdown.