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Why Intuitive ERP Software Is The Backbone of ICONN Systems

Posted by Jacqueline Jeffery on Thu, November 20, 2014

Think of Intuitive ERP software as business intelligence. It provides powerful tools to assist companies like ours in optimizing product quality, business processes, and production performance. And just part of the reason it’s the backbone of ICONN Systems.

Our ERP system not only improves productivity quality and customer satisfaction, but operational efficiencies, too. It’s seamless integration made it easy to start increasing customer orders and helps to reduce costs. We like to call it an erp solution. Many regulated industries  and discrete manufacturers are now using intuitive ERP software. But we’ve been using it for more than 10 years. Here’s why:


When iCONN Systems opened our doors in 2006, we had a goal to offer superior products and services to our customers. In support of our goals, we created a business plan which incorporated an Intuitive ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system from the beginning. The Intuitive ERP software, developed by Aptean, has created a foundation of preparation, implementation and production within a common platform that is used in every project that iCONN Systems undertakes.


Each project is strategically processed from the beginning with the creation of an EDR (Engineering Design Request) and Sales Quote. Our customer's product requirements and desires are distributed through all departments as the project advances through development.

The EDR system standardizes and integrates iCONN's business processes across the company. It allows all departments to access the most current and accurate information. The program is integrated with our engineering department's CAD systems, disseminating any changes to the engineered drawings, product configuration, materials list, quantities order, shipping requirements, etc. to all employees involved with the specific project.

 Through data already stored within our EDR software, iCONN has the ability to streamline processes through sales, planning / engineering, planning materials management, manufacturing, inventory control, and financial and business processes. We can quickly and accurately estimate and track costs, track project specific labor, and available material and inventory on-hand. Since all information is stored within one program, each project has an accurate transactional history recorded.


Quality management is also a top priority to iCONN Systems. The EDR program provides valuable information to our quality department to ensure we are fully compliant with our ISO requirements. The data analysis tools are utilized to improve productivity and reduce waste which result in saving our customers time and money.

In conjunction with our Intuitive ERP software, iCONN Systems utilizes Basecamp, a project management software for enhanced communication. Check out how Basecamp combined with ERP has enhanced our project management abilities. /blog/interconnect-our-products-our-communication-using-basecamp

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