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Connector Insights from iCONN

Connector and Cable Assembly Customization Options

Posted by Tony Czyz on Wed, March 4, 2015


iCONN Systems offers multiple options of product development within various levels of design. We manufacture our standard connector lines of iMATE (circular plastic connectors in 3 shell sizes with bayonet quick connect coupling), iSENSOR (i8 and i12 metal shell connectors with threaded coupling and i8 with snap lock coupling), and iCPC (inter-mateable and inter-mountable AMP CPC connector). We can modify iCONN standard connectors or industry standard connectors (such as Amphenol LTW®, Binder-USA™, etc.). iCONN Systems can also partner with you to create a new custom engineered solution for your application. The custom design can include reverse engineering or re-engineering of your current connector and cable assembly. iCONN Systems will also engineer your product from the ground up with our New Product Development option.

With all of the design options above, iCONN Systems offers specialized customization to ensure your project meets all of your needs and expectations. iCONN Systems consults with you to customize your entire experience including product development, tooling, and logistics. 

Product Customization

  • Improved Sealing Characteristics
    • Sealing Technology
  • Improved Mechanical Durability
  • Temperature Extremes
  • Ruggedness / Strength
  • Tamper Proof
  • Miniaturization
  • Color
  • Specialized Product Marking
  • Specialized Packaging
  • Ergonomics

Tooling Options

  • Overmold tooling
    • High Pressure
    • Low Pressure
  • Component tooling
    • CNC Swiss
  • Contact Termination Tooling
  • Automated Assembly Tooling
  • Tooling Cost Management
    • Co-ownership
    • Amortization
    • iCONN's Pledge

Logistics Programs

  • Kanban
  • JIT
  • Customer Inventory Management

iCONN Systems Wants to Partner With You!

If you are experiencing quality issues, poor performance, inadequate service, or are in need of consultation, we are here! We work with your engineering, manufacturing and design personnel to review your product and offer enhancements and cost saving plans to assemble our product into yours. Specialized customization is just one of the many benefits iCONN Systems offers our customers to ensure the utmost customer satisfaction.

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