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The Harsh Environment Connector Solution


iCONN’s wet-mate connector was designed and developed using patented niobiCONN™ technology.
Designed to intentionally let water in, it is ideal for underwater applications.

Patent #: 9,197,006; 9,893,460

niobiCONN Connectors & Cable Assemblies

Standard niobiCONN Product Line - octiCONN Series

  • Suitable for operations up to 60VDC/2A
  • Configurable up to 8 positions
  • Pressure rating: 500+ PSI
  • Robust blind mating keying system
  • Nickel plated brass, 316 stainless steel or titanium hardware
  • Thermoplastic urethane overmold

Custom niobiCONN Products & Prototypes

  • Designed specifically to meet your application & requirements
  • iCONN will work as an extension of your engineering team to efficiently and collaboratively accomplish your goals
  • Fast turn around time for prototypes & production of your custom solutions

The Technology

Niobium contacts create their own passive film when energized and exposed to water. The film acts as an insulator, electrically isolating the contact from the surrounding water and adjacent contacts.

The insulating anodic film on the niobium contact mating surface is breached, providing electrical connectivity as the contacts are mated. If the niobium contact insulating anodic film is removed, then those surfaces are restored with the anodic film as soon as voltage is applied. The niobium contacts are self-healing. Niobium contacts are safe from direct contact with power applied, up to 60v.

Patent #9,197,006; 9,893,460

Additional Attributes of Niobium Contacts

  • A naturally hypoallergenic  material
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • No sealing required
  • No O-ring, gaskets,  oil bladders, etc.
  • Can be mated and unmated  above water or fully  submerged
  • No inherent depth limit


There are many applications where niobium-based connector technology can be used, including but not limited to:

Underwater power and signal connectors

Freshwater or
saltwater environments



Indoor/outdoor farming

Food and chemical processing

Ideal Industries

niobiCONN™ technology is suited for all industries, but is particularly ideal for the following:


Marine applications are synonymous with harsh conditions and rely on component performance and consistency for success. Seawater and other marine organisms pose an enormous risk to the functionality and longevity of certain product’s life span, electrical connectors in particular. Niobium connector technology has no depth limit issues and does not require isolation from the surrounding water. This makes Niobium technology the best choice for electrical interconnects in any marine application.


Self-contained breathing apparatuses (SCBAs) are typically used in extreme temperatures and hazardous situations. Niobium can withstand these extreme temperatures (high and low) and will maintain its natural properties due to its inherent nature. Niobium connectors and components can be applied into new or existing equipment with limitations only in voltage type and level.


Defense technology is ever-changing, and NiobiCONN™ technology is at the cutting edge of electrical connector research and development. These connectors can be designed to adapt to US and foreign military specifications and standards. Niobium connectors provide consistent performance un-hampered by any type of water to an industry that is filled with mission-critical electrical connections.

Aquaculture/fish farming

Monitoring your investment underwater can be hectic without a reliable product. Sensors, cameras and related connectors are all vulnerable unless they utilize NiobiCONN™ technology. It’s been proven that electrical connections made with niobium do NOT require any sealing to combat water ingress. Shorting / carbon build-up, corrosion, salt deposits or damaged / missing o-rings have no impact on NiobiCONN™ connections. Niobium technology mitigates these failure points when compared to conventional connectors.


Increasing demands for precision and accuracy in farming technology is fueling applications for NiobiCONN™. Niobium will solve moisture related electrical connection issues present in farming equipment today. Managing and monitoring sensitive equipment in harsh farming conditions utilizing niobium technology will yield the best results.

Food/chemical Processing

Safety and quality assurance should always be considered while trying to achieve an efficient manufacturing process. Niobium can withstand harsh washdown scenarios and is resistant to all chemicals. It is hypoallergenic and will not corrode under any conditions. NiobiCONN™ can be applied to meet all current industry standards.

data collection / communication

It’s a battle for high-speed data transfer, reliability, and high-density miniaturization. Luckily, Niobium can achieve all these important features and do it underwater without the need for seals and o-rings. Niobium connectors will be the deciding factor for application success and improvement for an industry dedicated to innovation.


NiobiCONN™ is well-suited for an industry that relies on safety and integrity. Understanding environmental factors while choosing materials is crucial. Due to the sensitivity of medical environments, niobium will excel due to its hypoallergenic properties. Niobium also lends itself to being sterilized and remains resilient throughout its lifecycle.


Transporting can be a logistical nightmare if operating systems are prone to failure. On-time delivery of people and/or goods relies on credibility. Niobium connectors are designed for extreme environments. They can be designed to resist harsh mechanical loads such and vibration and shock and be completely immune to road water and related automotive chemicals.


Robots are being utilized more than ever and are becoming more advanced every day. These robots deserve the most innovative connector technology to date. Niobium connectors will not only improve performance and reduce installation time, but will also limit the amount of scheduled maintenance.


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