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iCONN Pursuing ISO 9001:2008 Certification

Posted by Rick Regole on Mon, July 8, 2013

Year after year, businesses set benchmarks in order to compare their business processes and performance metrics against industries best practices.  In order to improve processes and performance, business models are put into place in efforts for businesses to strive towards meeting their corporate objectives.  While there are many failed business models through the course of history, there are few that have been adopted as globally recognized businesses standards.  One of the most familiar sets or families of globally recognized quality standards was developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 1987, ISO 9000.  Of the ISO 9000 standards, ISO 9001:2008 was established to define the requirements of a quality management system.  ISO 9001 is a generic standard with practices that can be applied to any organization and is the International Standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS).   Although ISO 9001:2008 is not a business requirement, it is the only standard amongst the ISO 9000 grouping that offers businesses the opportunity to become certified.  Today, there are more than one million organizations spanning 180 countries that have adopted the principles and achieved certification to the ISO 9001 requirements.

One element contributing to the success of ISO 9001 is that it embodies of the work of statistician and Professor Edward Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge and 14 Points for Management.  Deming is often regarded as the leading quality guru within the United States and seen as the father of Japanese manufacturing.  In Deming’s book Quality, Productivity, and Competitive Position (later renamed Out of the Crisis) he defines a theory of management that would vastly improve the state of manufacturing, specifically within the United States.  Deming’s 14 Points for Management include: Constancy of purpose, adopt the new philosophy (everyone wins), cease dependence on inspection, don’t buy on price tag alone, continuous improvement, emphasis on training, develop managers into leaders, drive out fear, break down barriers, eliminate slogans, eliminate production targets, remove barriers thus increasing joy in work, invest in education, and involve everyone within the workplace.  These 14 Points for Management, while possibly unintended, are embedded within the ISO 9001 standard.   Like Japanese manufactures who embraced Deming’s 14 Points of Management experienced many benefits, similar results or benefits can be achieved through implementation and certification of the ISO 9001 standard.

Why would a business desire to become certified?  There are many internal and external benefits that can arise from the ISO certification.  External benefits include enhanced image, meet customer demands, obtain ‘preferred supplier’ status, and improved customer and supplier relations.  Internal benefits from ISO 9001 include improved and established training processes, defined roles and responsibilities, increased ability to troubleshoot, as well as improved financial performance.  By focusing on core business processes and procedures centered on continuous improvement, ISO 9001:2008 has been statistically proven to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations.  It is for these reasons that iCONN SYSTEMS, LLC has chosen to establish a Quality Management System (QMS) and work towards becoming an ISO 9001:2008 certified business.    iCONN SYSTEMS, LLC is a process driven organization providing interconnect solutions with a commitment to our customers, quality, and continuous improvement. 

Founded in 2006, iCONN Systems, LLC designs and manufactures electrical and electronic connectors, overmolded and discrete cable assemblies and value added turnkey products serving global markets for a variety of applications including those requiring environmental and EMI/RFI shielding considerations.  Our management team has extensive connector/cable assembly experience, in excess of 100 years, to the benefit of our customers.  

iCONN focuses on engineered solutions which provide our customers with high quality, cost effective designs for their specific applications, backed by superior customer service.  iCONN’s U.S. facility is located in Lombard, Illinois, a western suburb of Chicago where we provide sales, engineering support and manufacture a variety of customer product needs including prototypes, quick turn and low – high volume assemblies.  

Our business model has been developed around a total design concept that considers application constraints, durability, ergonomics, even audio and tactical features that provide cost effective, robust quality solutions that meet and exceed any level of pricing and service required to provide the value necessary to assure our customers success.